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  • "I believe that if you know how to design identity, you know how to design everything." --Paula Scher
  • In order to design something that lasts a long time, you need design something that has flexibility
  • "Keep the identity simple, because it has to do very complicated things" (Scher again)
  • An exercise: which of these elements doesn't belong in the set? That's where the identity has been stretched too far


  • Ask each stakeholder for a one sentence description of the organization (yes, just one sentence); how these do or don't overlap can be very interesting
  • Learn about the history of the org, how it has changed
  • Good to understand the level of risk someone's willing to take. Even if you prefer something riskier, they'll have an easier time with an identity they're comfortable with. Sometimes it's easier to push companies towards incremental change (Scher's metaphor: in a sea of LBDs, someone may feel more comfortable in a black dress w/ a red belt than a red dress)


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